Monday, October 1, 2012

Bookmarks: Simple but Effective

For the past several years, I've used my own modified version of work boxes.  Rather than number the boxes I assign a box to each subject and keep everything I need in it.  For example,  Schnickelfritz uses colored pencils for our inductive Bible study and for Mapping the World by Heart so we actually have two sets of pencils, one in each box.  That way we never have to go searching...a time waster and source of frustration that can drag down an otherwise good morning of school.

Now I've taken a further step and created bookmarks for each subject.  We can use them to mark where we are in each textbook--a time saver when you get to the thicker books like Mystery of History.  I also laminated them and left a space to write "Today's Assignment"  with a wet erase marker (the dry erase was smearing in the books). 

I can write the assignment on the bookmark so Fritz can start working while I'm busy elsewhere.  As an only child he's been spoiled by having the teacher always by his side and I need to work on his independant learning.

I used Graphic Toolbox to make these, but the concept is so simple you can copy and paste pictures of book covers into any program.

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