Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

Did you know that Americans spent over $450 billion on Christmas last year?   Did you know that it would only take a small fraction of that (about $10 billion)  to make sure that everyone on the planet had clean water to drink? 

These are some of the things our church has been learning as we participate in the Advent Conspiracy.   We all complain about how commercial Christmas has become--well know we're learning how to do something about it.  It's just four simple steps.

Worship Fully   Jesus is the reason for the season.   Keep him first.

Spend Less   What if you got one less present for everyone in your family?  What if you stopped buying presents out of obligation for you second cousin's hairdresser's mailman?  What if you made rather than buy some presents?

Give More      Give the things money can't buy--give of yourself, give time.  Have a family game night.  Make cookies together and deliver them to the neighbors.  Adopt a grandparent at church and invite them to dinner.

Love All   Share God's love in a tangible way.  Take some of the money you didn't spend on Christmas and share it with those really in need.  I doubt you have $10 billion to bring clean water to the world, but it only takes $10 to bring clean water to one child for life.

This year Schnickelfritz and I made loaves of persimmon bread for the neighbors and Toolman's co-workers.  We're also making hand warmers and heatpacks from flannel sheets and deer corn. 

(You can find the instructions here).   I sew and he pours in the corn.  Toolman and I are spending less than $20 on our gifts to each other.  We'll be sending our money to Living Water International.

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