Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get Well Card

This is being reported after the fact.  Last Sunday I was still in the hospital recovering from a hysterectomy.  The Toolman arrived for a visit  with a special surprise from our Schnickelfritz.  It seems Fritz was working on this card all by himself at the dining table when Daddy announced it was time to leave for church.  Fritz asked for and was granted a few more minutes when his father saw how much effort he was putting into the project (remember this kid hates to write).

Here's the text--

Get Well soon:Mama:   1[]: Eat Fruts and Vethdables: 

2[]: Sleep Well:

3[]:Don't be afraed

4[]: Let the nrsis give you pils

5[]: Then aftr a cuple of weeks you will be bedr

:So, Get, Well:


I love you big time

This proud Mama's eyes looks past all the spelling and punctuation errors to see a thoughtful, caring heart--that's something that can't be taught.  I think if you sound it out, you'll be able to read all the instructions.


Abby said...

Such a sweet letter! I love when what we've been working on in school translates into the real world!

Abby E.

MOmama said...

Fritz made another terrific card today for my grandmother (our family is coping with the death of my uncle, her son). Again, he totally acted on his own to create it. This one included a drawing of Fritz and Grandma sharing a hug and kiss. On the back he wrote Made by: Fritz, Date Made: June 12, 2:16 pm, Sat. About: Love.

Jennifer said...

That is precious. "I love you big time."

Little Farm Mama said...

Oh how incredibly sweet! That is a treasured keepsake for sure!

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