Thursday, December 12, 2013

4H Drama

Tonight was the culmination of my son's 4-H Drama project.  The kids were performing "The Lamp Went Out" for a local nursing home.  The play is a melodrama in the truest sense, a real "you must pay the rent..." type complete with cue cards for the audience to cheer and boo appropriate characters.
A lot of the comedy came from literally acting out trite sayings so when one character says "the tables have turned..." she really turns over the table.  When "the lamp goes out" a stage hand literally carries the floor lamp off stage.

As soon as the first rehearsal my Schnickelfritz was nearly frothing at the mouth to play Hubert Van Der Slice, the villain who would throw poor Angela "penniless is the streets" if she doesn't marry him.    Surprisingly, he had no competition for the role.  The other boys were content to be stage hands, prop builders, and soundmen.  The project leader had to draft her son for the hero role.  On the other hand we had 5 or 6 girls audition for the role of Angela.   I recall similar ratios when I was involved in drama.

The kids did exceptionally well, even dealing with interuptions from the audience (some of the elderly attendees got confused about when the audience participation should occur).  This isn't just a Mama's bias, but my son was the best emoter on the stage (read that: he hammed it up well).  He took his role seriously, memorized his lines, and had a thoroughly good time.

"You haven't seen the last of me."

"If you don't marry me, I'll foreclose on the mortgage!"

Hubert was chilled by Angela's cold reception (get the pun?)


Curtain Call

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