Thursday, August 20, 2009

School plans

The "About Me" section of the sidebar says this blog is to be about our homeschool, and I realize very little has been said about it thus far.  Of course, it's been summer but summer is rapidly coming to a close.  While Fritz spends the week with Grandma and Grandpa in Indiana, I'm nailing down details on our school year.   Here's our plan:

Reading:     Scaredy Cat Reading--Excursion Into Words

Writing:     Handwriting Without Tears

'Rithmatic:      Math-U-See Beta

After the 3 R's, we'll be using Konos for Bible, Science, History, Art, etc.  I'm planning to work on the character traits Attentiveness and Orderliness,.    My plans have already changed several times--we just learned one of our co-ops is planning a Madrigal dinner so I want to squeeze in Obedience-Kings and Queens to take advantage of that.    I've also got to add Stewardship--Nutrition to tie in with a Homeschool Crew review I'll be doing for a wonderful book by  Growing Healthy Homes.  

 We'll also have additional Bible work through our Royal Rangers handbook--including memorizing the 23rd Psalms.  I don't know why I worry about him being able to accomplish that.  After all,  this is the boy who memorized whole pages of Little House on the Praire after listening to the audiobook at bedtime. 

I'm glad we're using a unit study aproach.  I think it will be easier to adjust our schedule and change our focus as we need to review new items (two products arrived in the mail today).   One thing is certain--this year won't be dull.

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