Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day II

Well we did receive snow overnight but it was on the low side of the 4-7 inches they had been forecasting.  My Schnickelfritz and I have clearing the driveway down to a science now.  And the great thing about blacktop driveways is that the sun clears off what you miss--even when the temperature is below freezing.  Fritz was more than ready to play in the snow after the work was done, but instead of going into the garage for his sled he came out with a basketball.

"Well you can take a Hoosier out of Indiana ..." I thought to myself.  I was sure the low temperature would lower the pressure in the ball and keep it from bouncing as it should. Jessica Hulcy of KONOS curriculum is always emphasizing the importance of "discovery learning" so I chose to let Fritz learn that for himself.  Instead of dribbling in the driveway Fritz dropped the ball over the snow where naturally, it didn't bounce at all.   He repeated this several times.

 "Look Mama," he called me over. 

I looked at the snow and saw impressions of the ball.  My mind flashed back to yesterday's astronomy lesson. "Oh, craters like we studied about Mercury." 

"No!  They're footprints from Larry the Cucumber." 

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