Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

The weatherman brought us the news this morning--four to seven inches before it's said and done tomorrow.  I realize those of you on the east coast are probably wishing you had only 4-7 inches.  I think we're prepared for a few days of cabin fever.  We checked out Hank the Cowdog's Case of the Most Ancient Bone-the longest book in the series.  Traditionally we would be heading out to stock up on milk and bread and eggs.  We bought 4 gallons at Sam's Club over the weekend and we're set on eggs too.  As for bread, I'm getting set to bake my own!  We are using a recipe from Sue Gregg's cookbook series and she is an advocate of the two stage process (to remove phytates from the whole grains).  We're actually milling and soaking the grain today.  Then tomorrow we should have the comforting smell of fresh bread to enjoy as we watch the snow fall. 

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