Friday, July 16, 2010

A new use for Graphic Toolbox

Last year's Homeschool Crew was fortunate to receive a copy of Graphic Toolbox for review.  We've used it to make file folder games, edit family photos,  and create background sets for a puppet show.  Now, rather than enhancing images I'm finding wonderful uses for GT as a virtual white-out pen.

To extend our homeschool budget as far as possible I try to buy used curriculum.  The challenge here is to find student workbooks that haven't already been written in.  Recently I found a copy of the art program "I Can Do All Things."  The lessons were clean but the beginning exercises had been done in the book.

I scanned the image into the Graphic Toolbox and proceeded to draw over the lines with a sample of the background page color.  In large areas I could use solid rectangles to cover the drawn images.

Now I can just print the image out for our use.

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