Saturday, September 11, 2010

Royal Rangers Day Camp

Schnickelfritz and I attended day camp today.  It had been postponed due to storms last spring (and it certainly looked like we might get soaked again, but their was a gymnasium for back-up).   The turnout was certainly lighter, I assume because most outposts are just gearing up for the new year.  This year's theme was knighthood.  The events included jousting, throwing knives and hatchets, decorating shields, and pummeling each other with "swords" made with pool noodles.   Commander Bob's obstacle course drew the largest lines and repeat participants.  It began with a rope bridge constructed that very morning.

A miscalculation in the number of medals purchased meant that rather than award gold, silver and bronze awards for each age level there would only be medals for over-all winners.  Fritz managed to earn a bronze and gold.  We never did hear what the bronze was for, but the gold was for the Court of Honor--where boys recited pledges to the flags, ranger codes, and Bible verses.    In this case, they were actually the verses they learned last year (since the event was post-poned).  I was so pleased and proud to see Fritz was actually hiding God's word in his heart.

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