Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parental Rights Amendment

If you follow any national news these days you are aware that people are literally dying in the streets fighting to have a voice against oppressive governments.  That thought was not lost on me as I peacefully drove two miles to attend a "town hall" meeting organized by our local Tea Party.  In attendance were three state representatives and one state senator.  They each gave brief introductions covering where their districts were and on which committees they sit.  The majority of the time was spent listening to their constituents and answering their questions.

The people raised several concerns--not accepting the dangling carrot of federal dollars (and the jumping through hoops that follow), a proposed bill requiring a prescription to obtain the pills used to make meth, unemployment, and so on.  Since I had recently seen the documentary "The Child,"  I was interested in Parental Rights.  No one on the panel was aware of the proposed Parental Rights Amendment.  I briefly explained the dangers of the United States ratifying the Treaty on the Rights of the Child and asked if anyone would sponsor a resolution in favor of the PRA.   The senator and one representative was extremely interested.  I followed up with an email linking them to

I was surprised how good it felt knowing I was heard by those elected to represent me.  I saw them writing notes as I spoke.  I received an email from my state senator this morning thanking me for my attendance and follow up message.  We'll see where this leads.  I'm just glad I overcame my fear of public speaking and let my voice be heard.

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