Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Power Restored

Just got our power back after the storms went through yesterday.  We had been at Homeschool Field days--nearly 90 families gathered at the local park for races and contests and some serious picnicking.  I had been working in the makeshift nursery in the large pavilion when someone got a phone call about a storm headed our way.   A lumberyard next door offered to let us take shelter in one of their large pole barns.  I have to say even for a homeschool group, I was extremely impressed by how well the kids obeyed instructions and stayed calm.   The older kids helped to gather play equipment while the younger ones stayed in their teams in the pavillion and waited for their parents to get them.  Schnickelfritz and I decided to skedaddle back home ahead of the storm.  Those that chose to stay at Field day wisely chose to seek shelter in the pool's showerhouse.  Trees snapped in the park and part of the lumberyard's roof was peeled off.

And what did we do with no power?  Fortunately we believe in non-electronic entertainment.  We have a cabinet full of board games and more books than ought to be allowed.  We read an entire Hank the Cowdog book--I'd read one chapter and the Fritz would take a turn.  Of course he'd get to laughing so hard he couldn't continue so I had the pick up the slack.   We finished as there was just barely enough light to read the page.  The worst of it was not having water--no electricity means no well pump.  Schnickelfritz was a little worried about sleeping in a totally dark house but I said we needed to see it as an adventure and a remind

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Kristen said...

So glad you're ok!

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