Monday, August 22, 2011

First week in review

I have to say how pleased I've been with the way we got back into the swing of things with school this week.  My greatest fear was Schnickelfritz balking at the amount of writing to be done--we've got composition, journaling for Land Animals of the Sixth Day, cursive practice, and a notebook of presidential facts for a Royal Rangers merit badge.  On Tuesday he did ask if his writing on the presidents counted as his writing for the day and I had to explain to him that reading and writing are part of a lot of subjects.  He seemed to accept that fact and moved on.

We  read the D'aulaire's book on Columbus to start our Missouri history (we couldn't have found Missouri until we found the new world).  I'm using another homeschool mom's curriculum, A Guide to Studying Missouri History Through Literature as well as a book I found a used book sale, Where Rivers Meet.   We are finishing up All About Spelling Level 2 and Math U See Delta before moving up to the next levels sometime this fall.   I'm also trying a few products from Critical Thinking Company this year--Building Thinking Skills and Reading Detective.

By far the best thing I did over the summer was put our schedule in the Edu-Track program.  I print out an entire week's schedule at once.  I can handwrite additional subject or draw arrows to tweak it and then update the final schedule at the end of the week.  Fritz enjoys seeing "how much is left to do" and I enjoy not wondering "okay, what comes next" or "what have I forgotten."

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