Friday, May 7, 2010

A few weeks ago I did a review of the new All About Reading book  What Am I?  In it I mentioned a cute story about a skunk moving into a barn. 

You know when the story ceases to be cute?  When you're standing in your own back yard and the stinky varmit waddles out from under your barn door!!!!  I had take the dog to get a drink from her water bowl and turned to see Mr. Skunk standing about fifteen feet away from me.  Fortunately, I saw it before Della and was able to drag her into house without incident. 

Fritz and I observed from the read bedroom window to see if the skunk headed back in the barn.  He didn't.  Fritz had to share the news via phone with his grandparents.  He instructed them to only use whisper voices and let them know it was okay for them to breath since they were so far away but he was holding his breath.  We watched till the skunk waddled around to the side of the house where we don't have any windows.

I ventured out the front door to keep tabs on our unwelcome visitor.  The Toolman came home from work about this time.  He ran to the back to put cement blocks in front of the three stable doors.  Unlike the Skunk Hotel story, we were not allowing our guest to stay.

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