Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pre-op Assessment

I'm having surgery next week and had to go to the big hospital in St. Louis for pre-operative assessment.   My husband and Schnickelfritz tagged along.   Both agreed that this was a very good hospital based on the fact that the waiting room had reclining seats facing the hi-def television--oh, they were sure the doctors and nurses were good too.

We were assigned to an examining room and all the medical staff came to us.  During the waits in between we read the latest Hank the Cowdog book,  The Case of the Secret Weapon.    I try to read with enthusiasm, although I can't do all the voices like the author on the audiobooks.  During this particular passage, Slim the cowboy was celebrating a day off by playing his banjo on his front porch in his underwear.  I tried my best to improvise a tune for "Sittin' on the porch in my shorts."  I imagine that I was amusing a lot of the staff because they eventually started to leave the door open in between personnel.

One of the staff had a noticible accent.  I of course asked where she was from and she answered "Austria."  She was curious why Fritz wasn't in school so we explained a little about homeschooling to her.  Unfortunately, this didn't leave her much time to answer questions about Austria or what had brought her here.  Fritz spotted her as we were leaving the facility and ran over to her with a sweet good bye, "Have a great day here in America!!"  The nurse answered that she has many good days in America and we had to explain that she didn't have to commute across the Atlantic ocean every day.

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