Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Beeyoutiful Berry Well

In our family, we are all in favor of preventing/avoiding colds and the flu because once one of us catches a bug we tend to unselfishly share it with all--sometimes passing it around a second time.  The Toolman has the worst problems as adolescent cancer left him without a lot of lymph nodes around his throat and respiratory system.  When Beeyoutiful sent us a bottle of Berry Well I knew who was going to be our guinea pig.

According to the Beeyoutiful catalog, Berry Well is an immunity booster designed to help the body fight the flu, colds, "and a swarm of bacterial and viral infections."   Fortunately for us (but bad for reviewing purposes), we weren't fighting any of those at the time.  The Toolman took the daily doses anyway to see if it might alleviate some allergy symptoms (our air was thick with mold and oak pollen).  I can't say that it helped the allergies, but that's not what it was designed to do.

Berry Well contains:

Elderberries --we've taken an elderberry extract before when we've felt a cold coming on and I believe it did help us recover faster.

Raw Honey -- this brings up a warning that it shouldn't be taken by infants.

Bee propolis and Echinacea root--I have read that echinacea shouldn't be taken on a continual basis.   The propolis and honey carry a warning that you shouldn't use this if you have bee allergies.

I Raw Apple Cider Vinegar--this increases the body's alkalinity.  It is also a very obvious component of the flavor.  If you have kids that have grown up of sugary tasting vitamins and supplements, don't be surprised if they pucker at this. 

I would be willing to keep a bottle of Berry Well on hand to use the next time we feel a cold coming on as I do believe it would shorten the recovery time.  One 8 oz. bottle contains 16 doses and sells for $18.00 (you can stock up on 6 bottles for $14.50 each).  The cost and the echinacea would keep me from using Berry Well as a daily measure to try and avoid the flu.  I also recommed signing up for the Beeyoutiful catalog; they add some wonderful articles.

You can read what my fellow crewmates thought of Berry Well and other Beeyoutiful products by clicking here.

Disclaimer:  I received a free bottle of Berry Well for the purposes of completing this review.  I received no other compensation.

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