Monday, January 17, 2011

Biology of Behavior Week 2

Today we start Week 2 of Dianne Craft's Biology of Behavior protocol.   I quickly realized that I needed some help in remembering to take our daily pills.  I made a chart for each week with boxes to check as we our doses.  It's posted on the refrigerator (where the primadophilus is kept).  Whenever I pull a meal out of the fridge I have this great little reminder.  Schnickelfritz went from total fear of swallowing a pill to rolling his eyes and saying "I knew that was coming" to pointing to our chart and saying "Don't forget about our last pill, Mama." 

Other than the change in attitude about the pill regimen, I can't say I noticed any great changes in his behavior.  Of course, I didn't think yeast overgrowth was an issue for him.  He can probably count the number of times he's been on a course of antibiotics on two hands and none since we've moved to Missouri two years ago.  He's always loved yogurt and I've given him powdered probiotics in his drinks after each antibiotic treatment.  I will say that we may have benefited physically from the increase in good gut flora this week.  The Toolman caught his annual sinus/chest cold--this time with a very sour throat.  One night Fritz woke up in tears with a sore throat of his own.  "Uh oh, here it comes," I thought.  Usually we are very generous in the sharing of illnesses in our family, sometimes passing it back to the originator and starting a second round.   I cancelled my own doctor's appointment the next morning so Fritz wouldn't expose the children of the lady who agreed to watch him while I was gone.  The symptoms never progressed.  By the following afternoon, the sore throat and phlegm were gone.  I had heard that immunity, like behavior, is dependant on a good gut.

This week we add grapefruit seed extract.  I know in its liquid form that it can be good for so many things--rinsing pesticides of produce to creating a nasal wash.  We're taking it in tablet form, the equivilence of a dozen or more drops with out the bitter taste.  In addition to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, it may help alkalizing (raising the PH levels) of the body.

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