Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Icestorm Cometh

We've had two days of 40+ temperatures and most of our snow had melted. I confess to even starting to think that the day after my birthday (we won't say which one) the groundhog might NOT see his shadow. Imangine my surprise to wake up this morning and find out we're under a winter storm watch from this evening until WEDNESDAY! We're supposed to start off with freezing rain and accumulating ice (.1 to .5 inches), enough to bring down power lines. Whatever doesn't come down in that form will be snow-- 8 to 10 inches. I can remember two bad winter storms in my life. The first was an ice storm over New Years Day. We were already out of school and I felt like we got gypped out of a snow day. No power for 4 days. I slept in the living room (for the fireplace) with my parents and the tropical fish.

The second storm (also on my birthday) I spent trying to find the car in the snowdrift in the driveway. We didn't lose power that time. I had gone to school that morning only to hear during mornigh announcements that they were sending us all home--and with our rides gone we had to walk in six inch deep snow with more coming down by the second. My stepdad came home early and I made hime take me in the 4-wheel drive to the store to buy Trivial Pursuit. All three customers in the store had the same idea--okay maybe we bought bread and milk too, the snowstorm staples.

My concern this time is the loss of power. Everything in this house relies on electricity: the furnace, the fridge, the pump on the well. I'm filling up all the jugs with water and cooking up a storm. If we lose power, at least we can eat cold meatloaf sandwiches. The best birthday present I could get would be for God to just blow the storm past our house.

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