Friday, January 14, 2011

Biology of Behavior

Last spring I sat through several of Dianne Craft's workshops at our homeschool expo.   She works with kids that have "learning glitches" to use her own term.  I tried her figure eight exercise to help Schnickelfritz  move the letter forming motions to the automatic side of his brain.  Now we are starting the eight week program described on her CD set, The Biology of Behavior, to see if it helps Fritz with his mood swings and sensory issues.  I'm not seeing an issues severe enough to seek a professional diagnosis, but he has had a few quirks like sucking on his shirt, disliking the sound of flushing toilets in public restrooms, etc.   Ms. Craft even suggests that things like being bothered by clothing tags or wrinkles in socks can have a biological origin.

The key is Iam not medicating my son.  Each week we add a new supplement and observe changes in behavior.  We only add one at a time so we can watch for adverse reactions.  The hardest part this week was convincing Fritz he could swallow the capsule.  He's been boasting for a while about being able to swallow macaroni noodles whole so I knew it was possible, but this was a "hard" object.  Since I'm doing the program too (Ms. Craft suggests this) I showed him my technique first.  By the end of day one he was an old pro and bragging to his friends about his new skill.  For anyone interested in the program with kids too young to swallow pills, you can open the capsules or use liquid alternatives outlined on the CD's.  I was able to find everything at Swansons Health Products.

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