Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace

It may be classified as a "noxious weed," but the Queen Anne's Lace I pass on my daily walks makes me smile.   The road to town is decorated with it--with bright punches of blue Chicory and the yellows of Black-eyed Susans.  I'm certainly a distracted driver.  Still, it's the wild carrot that's the quaintest flower along the fence row.  My mother wrote this poem about it.

Lacy Weed

Country roads are edged
in regal grace
by an exquisite weed,
Queen Anne's Lace.

Uncultivated, untamed
it thrives, tall and free.
Such delicate strength
challenges me.

1 comment:

Morninglory said...

I am delighted with the beautiful poem "Lacy Weed". It seems you would agree that it is often the beautiful flowers along the roadside and in the wild deeply hidden hollows that are the most light and lovely. I value that your mother wrote the poem.I hope to see a comment from you or your mother on my blog, "Living Faith on Higher Ground".

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