Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome 2013

The lights and decorations are down and there's no excuse not to do school (okay we did take Wednesday off to go sledding--our first serious snowfall of the season).  Products are starting to come for the new TOS Review Crew year.  I'm gearing up for the new year's Virutal Curriculum Fair and Soup Swap.  Welcome to 2013.

But before we look forward, let's look back at Christmas break.

Favorite gift:   So far I'm leaning towards the pressure cooker cookbook--Great Food Fast.  So far I've made Layered Enchilada Casserole, Perfected Pot Roast,  Kiss the Cook Baby Back Ribs, and Best Ever Macaroni & Cheese.  All received raves( even from my picky eater).

Favorite Activity:  On Christmas Eve, the Toolman had to work sound for both church services.  Schnickelfritz and I went to his grandparents' house for our traditional Chinese dinner.  Afterwards, Schnickelfritz played director and several leading roles in an impromptu re-enactment of A Christmas Carol.  Without a crutch for a prop, his Tiny Tim seemed to slouch along like Dr. Frankenstein's assistant Igor which caused a total breakdown of the cast with a case of giggles.  A second outbreak occurred when Fritz was portraying the ghost of Christmas future.  He was wearing my hooded winter coat over his head, but to keep his face from showing he had to pull the hood completely over his head and hold it with his chin--the result was anything but the foreboding look he was going for.  The most coveted role of the evening went to Grandma who got to lay on the couch covered with a blanket (as the dead body)--no lines to ad lib and a brief rest. 

Favorite Christmas Card:  My great-aunt in Massachusetts.  She's 91 now but "still drives, sings in the choir, and visits with family and friends that aren't so lucky."

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