Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baby Steps to Better Health

I mentioned last month that I don’t make resolutions since by definitions they’re almost meant to be broken.  I do make goals though and one of mine is to improve our families health and eating habits.  I’ve been taking everything in baby steps.

1. I replaced our plastic storage containers with glass.  Although Tupperware now claims to be BPA free, my stuff was all over a decade old.  They also had scratches and places that could potentially hide bacteria.  Now we’re using mason jars and glassware as I’ve found some on sale or at garage sales.

2. We bought an electric tea kettle to heat hot water rather than relying on the microwave.  Last year while watching a DVD on Understanding Child Brain Development I saw microscopic images of how a water molecule is distorted/damaged in a microwave.  I’m trying to avoid reheating food in the microwave, but now I can definitely avoid it to make tea or morning oatmeal with my kettle.

3. I’m adding fermented food to our diet.  I’ve been making kefir for breakfast smoothies for several years now.  Last fall I started brewing kombucha to drink (although I’m the only person willing to do so currently) and I’ve just started keeping sourdough starter for baking.  Sometimes slower is better I’ve found.  This week I started a part time job with our library and don’t get home until 5pm, but Tuesday is still pizza night in our home.  If I started my traditional yeast crust in the bread machine at that time, dinner would be delayed until 6:30 or later.  I was able to start the dough souring on the counter all day and it had a nice rise in the bowl when I got home. 

Areas that still need work:

1. I need to exercise consistently.  Last May I went through a Couch to 5K program and I managed to stay motivated to do my jogging three days/week following the regimen.  Then my Achilles Tendon become so sore I hated to touch it.  I’m able to walk without pain, but only do that on Wednesdays when my son is at homeschool gym (I walk on the track above the basketball courts). That’s simply not enough exercise.

2. I need to add more vegetables to our diet—something beyond potatoes, corn and green beans.  I’ve got plenty of recipes.  I guess I’ll just have to try one each week and everyone has to at least sample it and will see what’s appealing.  I don’t simply want to hide vegetables behind cheese and cream sauce though.

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