Monday, June 8, 2009

Fire Safety

One of the requirements for Schnickelfritz's Royal Rangers' badge is to make a fire safety poster.  While driving home from swimming lessons we saw some of the volunteers working on the trucks at our station and decided to stop for some photos of Fritz in the truck.

The volunteers also gave us brochures and stickers for our poster and a Tot Finder sticker for Fritz's room.  I was familiar with the large, orange Tot Finder emblem to put on the outside window.  Little did I know that program is no longer promoted.  Designed to show the location of sleeping children to rescuers, it also alerts predators and others who would do them harm .  (A problem that never even entered my mind).  Second,  firemen arriving to a house ablaze are not going to run around the outside  looking at windows to see where the kids are.  They are going to head into the house, staying low to search for people.

So here are the new stickers

They are designed to be placed at the bottom of a child's door right beneath the doorknob.  Two smaller stickers are applied to the doorjam to provide reference points for searchers.  All are made of a highly reflective material that a firefighter with a flashlight would see.  You might see if your local department has some of these stickers for you.

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