Sunday, June 14, 2009

A sweet surprise

My husband and I took a walk around the perimeter of our property yesterday.  We were discussing our "someday" plans to build a screened gazebo back in the woods.  We also searched for wildflowers, trees we could identify, trees we wanted to learn, critters, etc.   Toolman spotted them first........wild raspberries!   I've always wanted to live somewhere we could grow some of our own fruit.  We tried planting raspberries and strawberries this spring but we've had so much rain and we didn't amend our  clay soil.  Our neighbor pointed out what he believes is an apple tree on the property, but when I went out to inspect the growing fruits, I found them all over the ground (I'll have to research that problem).  All our disappointments made this surprise all the sweeter.   We carefully picked our way further into the brush to find three additional patches of black raspberry cane.

The Toolman went to get the weedwhacker and lawn tractor to blaze a trail and make harvesting a little easier.  I went to find Schnickelfritz and a pail.  There was a quick lesson in which color berries were ready to pick.  Fritz got his first few and, in homage to Blueberries for Sal, dropped them in the bucket with a "Ker-plink, ker-plank, ker-plunk."  We had to verbalize the sound because unlike Sal with her metal pail, we were using a plastic Spiderman bucket.

We collected better than a quart of ripe berries and there will be plenty more with a little time.   But more importantly, we had a grand time together as a family.    And I'm feeling the need to make homemade ice cream again!


jamma said...

Oooo! Wild blueberries! That would be so wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Berry time is so much fun with kids! I love how their mouths give them away with bright, purple stains. Each year they are able to pick more and pick longer, and this year, our "baby" was the best picker out there. Hey, your blog is neat! I had to check it out when I saw the Ozark reference in the TOS blogroll. We enjoy trips to that region.


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