Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fire Dept

The Fire Department gave the Royal Rangers an upclose tour of their fire engine tonight.  The boys got to see the jaws of life, an airbag/carjack,  hoses, ladders... the whole works.  I think they were most impressed by the huge lights that rise from the top of the truck and can be rotated to shine and illuminate the area.   We live in a rural area with no fire hydrants so the trucks also carry a thousand gallons of water and an inflatable pool that a tanker truck can fill.

We read the story of Elijah and his challenge to the prophets of Baal (fire related).  Now Fritz will draw a floorplan of our house and the escape routes and meeting place in case of fire.  The last thing is to check the batteries in the smoke detectors (which everyone should do--Daylight savings time serves as a good reminder date).  Then he'll have his Firefighter acheivement patch.

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