Monday, October 5, 2009

My best bargain

I was walking our dog this morning and ran across a neighbor holding a garage sale.  I spotted some furniture and since we've been on the lookout for another storage cabinet for the kitchen I popped in.  The cupboard was already sold, but nearby I saw a set of dishes.  It was a service for eight and when I picked one up I saw it was Wedgewood.  The lady said she didn't have a price on it but she'd take $5 for the set.  I noticed there was one plate missing.  "It had been broken," she said "and it's too much trouble to find a replacement."  This set hardly looked used and my 20 year old set looks VERY used.  Since there are only three of us I thought we could live without one plate and maybe I'd run across a replacement someday.  I took the dog home and drove the car back to load up the dishes.

At home I got online to see if I could find a single dish on ebay.  To my surprise, the dishes are still being made and a single place setting cost $60-75!!  My five dollar investment would have cost nearly five hundred dollars at Macy's.   I can't believe someone "dumped" these dishes because it was too much trouble to find a replacement plate (which I've found for $16.)

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