Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He wants to do what???

Usually when we finish schoolwork for the day, my Schnickelfritz wants to play a game (he's really into chess right now) or watch a video.  I was completely dumbfounded today when he announced that he wanted to rake leaves!   I spent my whole weekend raking wet oak leaves, so this was the last thing I wanted to do.  "But Mama, the yard looks so pretty when we've cleaned up all the leaves," he reminded me.   He was also thrilled by the prospect of handling Daddy's big rake since Daddy wasn't home to use it. 

He wanted to make lines of leaves.             I wanted to rest my back.

He wanted to jump in the leaf pile.               Leaf piles (especially oak) make me sneeze.

What do you think we did????

We raked leaves, of course!  If a child is enthusiastic about work, who am I to dampen his spirits?  If he enjoys it now, perhaps I wanted have to nag, cajole, or threaten him to do it when he's twelve.   I got to spend a sunny afternoon with my son.  The leaves had dried out considerably and the work wasn't as difficult.  And like him, I can't think of anything more satisfactory than looking over a clean yard during leaf-raking season.  I guess today my son taught me a lesson.


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