Friday, November 27, 2009

I can't stop him from doing math!

I'm not really complaining here.  I'm thrilled he loves math--it was my favorite subject too.  This week we cut back on the schoolwork to clean house, take the dog to the vet, and prepare for Thanksgiving.  Every day Fritz asked if we were going to do math and every day he ended up watching the Math-U-See video and pulling out his blocks.  He reviewed past lessons and previewed future ones.  I recently got next year's Gamma set through a used curriculum site and he watched some of those lessons as well.   (I actually think will be using it before this year is up--he's progressing so fast).  

I just wish he would develop an inkling for our other subjects --reading and writing especially.  I have to save math as the reward for getting these done. 


hsbaby said...

Oh how I wish my kids would take an interest in math like that!!! Or in any subject for that matter:)

MOmama said...

It's like a Twilight Zone episode--Enough math, son. Go outside and play for a change!

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