Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hallelujah, I have a roof again!

Just before the spring rains, we've finally gotten our roof fixed.  We had four men on the roof stomping around, endless bits and pieces of material being thrown down, and a dog who thinks it's her duty to bark at anyone wearing a baseball cap.  I ended up calling for a school holiday because there was just too much excitement going on over our heads.

The Toolman had to go to the office so my Schnickelfritz assumed the duties of overseeing the work.  He put on his official toolbelt with the rainbow suspenders and his safety goggles.  He was dying for some work to do...

The debris had stopped falling by this point.  I assigned him the task of finding the roofing nails stuck between the boards of the deck.  Then he practed pounding them into some scrap wood.

Fritz was actuall given a job by the foreman--he was to keep everyone away from yellow tape before the new railing was installed.   When he reported that no one had fallen off the deck he was paid for a job well done--$4.00. 


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