Thursday, March 25, 2010

What an Imagination

My Schnickelfritz had another homeschooled boy over to play this afternoon.  I was enjoying a chance to finish a library book on the couch but managed to hear snippets on conversation coming from his room.  Suddenly I was surrounded by "aliens."  They had taken both arms out of their sleeves and rotated their shirts until one arm was facing forward.  Then both arms were thrust through the front sleeve giving them an elephant-like appendage. 

These hungry aliens were searching for a meal and it seemed they like dog best--poor Della.  She led them on a merry chase but eventually I had to let her onto the forcefield protected couch.  The aliens shuttled back to their homeworld (Fritz's room) to rest and strategize a way to lure the dog out of the safety zone in time for their next meal.  They must have pets on their planet because they knew all about balls and bones and tug toys.  Sometimes they would succeed and other times Della wouldn't play along.  This forced the starving aliens to the floor where they would lie in a comatose state and regenerate for 50 years.  Their planet obviously lies close to the sun and has a very small orbit because in Earth time it never took more than three minutes.

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