Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I don't think he's exaggerating...

The sky was too blue this morning and the temperature was already 65 degrees--we just couldn't do school inside on such a nice day.  Fritz's grandparents had brought a robot-looking kite when they came out last weekend and it had yet to take a maiden flight.

There's a large field behind our property.  It's been cleared for a subdivision but let's just say I think we'll be able to fly our kite there for some time to come.  The robot soared to the end of the string.  For a while I think we caught the attention of a hawk who was wondering what that other object was invading his air space.

Then I had guilt pangs that we should do something scholastic.  I started quizzing Fritz on his times tables.  Somewhere along the line, Fritz has picked up the idea of simple algebra--he calls it a do/undo box.  "You stick a number into the do box and it gets multiplied by 5 and then you add three and 18 pops out.  What's the original number?"  Then he sticks 18 in the undo box and reverses the process to see a 3 went in originally.  I quizzed him on math and "do boxes" for half an hour and he was still asking for more.  I told him my brain was tired.

"Okay," he said "I'll ask the questions.  I've got a BILLION questions in my head."

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