Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review:Children's Bible Hour Ministries

One of my fondest memories growing up was sitting in our large green recliner with my mother to read books together.  We called it our reading chair and I have one in my home now (it's even green) to share those special times with my son.  When we received a set of four books from Children's Bible Hour to review, we knew it was time to head to the reading chair.

These books are adaptations from radio dramas and are categorized into Seasons of Faith.  A tree in various stages of its annual cycle is pictured on the cover to let you know which season being addressed.

Spring : New life in Christ, faith develops, Christians begin to share the Salvation message with others.  The book we received, Race with Midnight a young girl gets lost on a ride and has to trust the horse knows the way home.  She learns it's also possible to be lost spiritually and to trust that God can lead her.

Summer: Faith grows, fruit is witnessed, we strive to be the best we can be in Christ.  Fritz loved this story, You Can't Come In, but I can't help but wonder if it should have been put in the "Spring" season.  A boy receives a life lessons that you can't clean sin out of your life and get into heaven by yourself any more than he could clean his muddy clothes that his mother wouldn't allow in the house. 

Autumn:  Times of struggle and temptation, peer pressure.  God teaches us how to forgive and then grow in grace.  The parable of the unforgiving servant comes to life in Seventy Times Seven.  A young boy won't forgive his friend for ruining his favorite hat, even after he has just been spared from having to pay for a broken sign. 

Winter: Deeper struggles, mourning, the death of a loved one.  God teaches us to lean on Him for comfort and peace.  In Braving the Storm, the gloom and fright of a hail storm reflect the emotions of a young boys forced to move from his home and friends due to financial hardship. 

All of these stories can be read in under 15 minutes, assuming you don't pause to discuss their deeper meanings.  And while I think it is best to read these to your kids, all the books come with a cd of Uncle Charlie reading the story (a chime tells you when to turn the page) so that non-readers can hear the story again whenever they choose.  As soon as we finished one story Fritz asked for a second, and then a third.

I'm the unofficial story lady for Fritz's Royal Ranger's outpost and I took You Can't Come In to read to the boys.  I think you could also share these stories in Sundy School or Backyard Bible Clubs.  These stories are really modern day parables to help children grasp eternal concepts.  The books are $10 each and available through CBH Ministries.  You can use the code  FREESHIPAPR15  till April 15th and receive free shipping on your order.

To dee what my fellow crewmates thought of the CBH Seasons of Faith books click here.

Disclaimer: I received free copies of the four Seasons of Faith books for the purposes of completing this review.  I received on other compensation.

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