Friday, April 23, 2010


We've had a wonderful streak of sunny, warm days--it's enabled us to get the back of the house and deck painted after the tree fell on it. Now the law of averages is catching up with us and rain and storms are in the forecast for the next four days.   In our house rain outside means forts inside.

Materials are gathered from everywhere--couch cushions, kitchen chairs, sheets, our big whiteboard.  Today's fort spans the living and dining room.  Fritz made it large enough for both of us and the dog (she's scared of thunder and needs a hidey hole to run to during the storm).  We had a picnic in the fort today and have played several games. 

The favorite game this week is one that I just picked up at the Homeschool Expo called Muggins.  The board has holes numbered 1 through 36.  Each player roles three dice and then adds, subtracts, multiplies, and/or divides the three digits to come up with a number of an empty hole.  You then place a colored marble in the hole and try to build strings of marbles by coming up with calculations for consecutive numbers.  Your opponents are trying to come up with numbers to block your string from growing.    In the real game you don't have to reveal your calculation unless challenged, but Fritz and I are explaining our calculations because I want to check his math facts.  See, who said math class had to be boring worksheets?


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