Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wildlife Ranch

We had an invitation to join other homeschoolers at the Wildlife Ranch near Meramec Caverns.  I think this used to be called the Reptile Ranch for all the alligators they keep there.  They've expanded to include birds--turkeys and emus, and mammals--tigers and lions.   I think the reptiles are still the most educational part of the tour.  We were able to see a variety of Missouri snakes and learn to identify the ones we should avoid.

Here are some photos

Fritz holding a baby gator

Now he's got a python

A ringtailed lemur with her two babies (taken through a window)

For a little guy who used to hate bugs and outdoor critters, he's come a long way.  He was first in line to hold everything they brought out and often got in line for a second chance.  I was grateful to have picture taking duties and therefore unable to hold anything myself.


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