Monday, April 12, 2010

I need to brag on my husband

Last Friday and Saturday, I attended a Homeschool Expo in St. Louis.  You know how you are at the end of one of those?  My feet hurt, my back hurt, I was on information overload.   To top it off, this convention was held in a three story building and it seems I was always traveling from the first to the third floor--surely I was walking down the steps sometimes, but it seemed like one of those "back in my day" stories where everything is uphill both ways.

I had to swing and pick up my Schnickelfritz from a day at Granny's house.  When we left, I called to let my Toolman know we were starting the trek home.  When I pulled in the driveway I could see my husband had anticipated just how whipped I would be.  He got all the fixin's we needed for a cookout and was just starting a campfire.   Our woods are quite lovely right now with flowering dogwood and redbuds.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and watched the stars pop out.  What a perfect way to relax and unwind. 

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