Thursday, May 31, 2012

TOS Review: Dive Into Your Imagination

Who Lives in the Sea is one of the educational DVDs by Annie Crawley--an underwater photographer, dive instructor, and boat captain. 

This 45 minute DVD is filled with crisp, vivid and colorful glimpses that few of us will get to see in person.  Each creature has it's own chapter on the disc, varying from 90 second to three minutes: dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, marine birds, eight-armed creatures, whale sharks, and nudibrachs (sea slugs). 

It's hard to learn much about a creature in under 3 minutes so there are also PDF teacher's guides available in two age levels, Pre-K/K and 1st-3rd grade.  I have a third graders so he's just at the upper edge of the target audience and I be honest that he felt the video was a little too babyish for him--phrases like "An octopus has eight legs, can you count to eight?'  So while we probably won't be watching the DVD over and over again, the PDF guides would make an excellent ocean unit study. 

The audio can be English, Spanish, or just listen to the music and enjoy the scenery.  There is no closed caption, but you can find transcripts on the disc under special features.

The DVD is $19.95 at the Dive Into Your Imagination website.  You can also find video samples from the DVD.  The other titles are  Dive into Diversity and What Makes a Fish, a Fish.  A PDF guide for one title is $69.95  --a hefty price tag, I know.  But if you use the notes section of the order form to let Anne know that you're a home schooling family and follower of the TOS Homeschool crew she will send the PDF as a free gift. 

Check out what other crew members thoughts about their videos by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I receiv3ed a free DVD and PDF files for the purpose of completing this review. 

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