Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Reason I Love Homeschooling

Winter has arrived with a vengence.  We had snow throughout the night and today we're supposed to have winds up to 40 mph.  I didn't have to be up at the crack of dawn watching the school closings or worrying when the day would be made up.  We knew there would be school although we had a special "snow day" agenda.  We popped popcorn and made cocoa and snuggled together to read Little House books.  Schnickelfritz chose to listen to audiobooks rather than turn on the TV.  We've got Hank the Cowdog's The Case of the Blinded Blizzard and The Measled Cowboy which both deal with snow.  We worked on K'Nex rollercoasters in the basement and the science of looping coaster tracks. PE was thirty minutes outdoors making snow angels and sledding before heading in for more hot chocolate.

I've decided it's time for the teacher to learn something new so I'm trying to bake bread using Sue Gregg's cookbook so the house smells wonderful.  And the Burpee catalog arrived today so we can dream over summer's bounty and future botony lessons.


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