Thursday, January 7, 2010

Truer words were never spoken

My husband just arrived home from a long commute--the snow and wind making it take almost twice as long as normal.  He collapsed at the table.  And for some reason this time of day is when my Scnickelfritz gets an extra burst of energy (I think he anticipates Della going "crazy dog" when my husband gets home).   Tonight though, he noticed the tired look on his father's face and asked "Is there anything I can get you Daddy?"  My husband replied "Just some peace and quiet."  Fritz shook his head and said "I'm sorry, that's just something I can't deliver."  Well, at least he's honest about it.


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sundropx5 said...

I had a similar comment from my 4 yo today. I was fussing about the kids not hanging up their coats....I said" Does no one know where the coats go?" Cader says...." I know where they go I just don't want to put them there."

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