Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review: Keyboarding for the Christian School

It's funny how certain activities can trigger memories.  As I sat down with Keyboarding for Christian School  I was drawn back to seventh grade and a room full of students clacking away on typewriters--the old kind where you had to slap a metal bar for the return carriage.  We might as well have been monks copying books by hand.  It's a skill that still needs to be learned in today's computer world.  This course has  been updated to cover the 10 key pad and several word processing tasks.

It all begins the same way though-  learning to place the hands on the keys and tap out repetitions of ffff and jjjj .   Rather than print out all the pages, I opened both the Keyboarding e-book and Microsoft Word and arranged them on the screen like this:

We've been doing so much math with the computer lately, I actually started my Schnickelfritz with the Number Pad lessons.   He wasn't thrilled with typing the same numbers over and over again--there are no bells and whistles or games to make the typing fun. I tried to help him understand that this practice would help him improve his time/scores with several of the online math programs we've been using lately (where there are game rewards).  

The Christian aspect of the lessons come from the choice of texts for typing practice--Bible verses at first and Psalms when learning about centering text.  There are also Bible verses at the beginning of each lesson (I Cor 16:3 for learning letters and Matt 10:30 for learning numbers).

 The elementary version of Keyboarding for Christian Schools is available for $12.95.  The version for grades 6 and above is $15.95 and includes some additional lessons on business letters, bibliographies,  proofreader marks, etc.    Through February 28th use the coupon code NewYear5 to save $5 on orders over $12.95.

You can see what my fellow crewmates thought of Keyboarding for Christian Schools by clicking here.

I received free ebooks standard and elementary versions of Keyboarding for Christian Schools for the purposes of preparing this review.  I received no other compensation.  

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