Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Back

Like most students and teachers around the country, we started back to school today (actually we didn't stop entirely over Christmas-my Schnickelfritz still insisted on math).   Here's how things are shaping up:

Math--we're way ahead here.  We in lesson 24 in Math U See Beta.  I found a secondhand copy of Gamma that we'll probably be in before the schoolyear is over.  Today Fritz is also watching a Homeschool review product on solving word (he calls them story) problems.

Reading - We started reading Step Into Reading Level 2 The Story of Balto.  Fritz only read two pages.  He could read more but this is one of his least favorite activites.  I figure it's better to get 2 pages of good work out of him and leave hope that he'll someday enjoy reading rather than push through the whole thing with him kicking and screaming.

Writing -  We're wrapping up our Handwriting Without Tears.  I'm thinking about starting copywork--like writing out our Royal Ranger's memory verses.

Science - Judging by my Edu-Trac, this is a subject I have been ignoring unless it involves a field trip.  We're starting Apologia's Astronomy.  Fritz has already loves it when Daddy gets out his laser pointer and shows us various constellations or the planets.  Hmm, I'll have to go back and see if I logged those hours.

Music-  We've got two Homeschool crew products that involve music.  Kinderbach and two Zeezok books on Brahms and Schubert.  Fritz is really relating to Brahms (a fellow seven year old boy who loves the piano)


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