Monday, February 7, 2011

Biology of Behavior Week 5

We're still going strong on our regimen of supplements.  Schnickelfritz is often coming to me and asking for his next pills.  I think the last update I gave was when we were trying to cut back on sugar.   We did cut back on apple juice, but Fritz said it was hard to swallow pills with the raw milk we drink.  Now he does get a diluted cup of apple juice with his pills (perhaps that's why he's always reminding me of his next dose).   Last week we added a dose of liquid minerals.  I can almost detect the tang of vinegar in the liquid, but so far Fritz hasn't objected to the taste.  I'm being a little on the cautious side with the dosage so we don't run into diarrhea (that's why parent's are encouraged to take the regimen with their kids--so we know what their going through).  I'm being purposely vague here on amounts and specific brands so that you will seek out and purchase Dianne Craft's cd set if you are interested in trying this regimen yourself.   The cd set includes a detailed list of supplements to add each week and recommended brands to use.  This week we're adding a sub-lingual vitamin B.  I've chose an alternative to a capsule as Fritz will have plenty more to swallow in the upcoming weeks.

The weekly changes have been subtle, but I can know see some definite improvement in Fritz's behavior.  He used to be terribly self-critical, especially when I've been correcting his schoolwork.  If I found a mistake he would blurt out "I Failed!" or "I'm a terrible learner."  Now he simply accepts the constructive criticism and we move on.  There has been less pouting and angry outbursts.   He hasn't been reduced to tears at basketball practice since the second week.  Even when we started something new (tae kwon do classes), he hasn't become frustrated with his awkwardness in learning the skills and movements.   As for me, well I had two warts fall of this week--a beneficial side effect from the good nutrition (others have experienced the same thing according to Ms. Craft's CD).
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