Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IEW -- the Yahoo Group

Last time I mentioned the resources available to you through the Institute for Excellence in Writing's website.   Another source you'll want to be familiar with is the Yahoo Group  (actually three groups are available) .  IEWFamilies  (the biggest and busiest loop with over 8100 members and 629 posts for January) isfor teachers and families looking for support using any of IEW's materials .   IEW_Co_op(800+ members, 50-100 posts per month) is for homeschool co-ops and small group leaders using the IEW materials.    The final group, IEWTeachers, is for conventional school teachers using IEW materials.  It has only 145 members and very little activity.  All three groups require membership and moderate the postings.

I've joined the IEWFamilies, so that's what I'll be sharing with you.  Here is an opportunity to communicate with others going through what you are, or better yet, those who have already gone through it and can share some advice or insight.  Ask a question and you'll get plenty of answers and encouragement.   Don't just stop at the message board.  Under "Links" you can find access to online stories, lesson plans,  a dictionary, a thesaurus, and other vocabulary and grammar help.

Under"Files" you can find downloadable resources organized by the 9 units of the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style (TWSS).   The teacher's book has examples of signs and posters for your walls and you can make them yourself, but if you check the file section, you may find it's already been done for you (leaving you moretime for the 837 other things on you TO-DO list).  You can also find additional paragraphs for students who need more practice with key word outlines--one resourceful person made 20 paragraphs based on The Magic Schoolbus programs.

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