Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Biology Of Behavior Week 6

Last week we added Vitamin B drops.  I chose drops to keep pill swallowing to a minimum.  The brand I chose claims to be good-tasting.  Schnickelfritz and I can only say that "go0d-tasting" is in the tongue of the taste tester.  We would each put the drops under our tongues and then Fritz would begin an audible count "Unh,  ooo,  eee..."  At "irr eee" we both got to swallow.  Then we wash away the taste with apple juice (and take our other pills.  The first day we purchased the Vitamin B in the afternoon and Fritz received his dose at dinner.  That night he had a terrible time falling asleep--to the point he was crying and frustrated.  My mother confirmed that B should be given in the morning so we've scheduled this with our breakfast pills.  We take our mineral liquid with lunch.

This week we are adding essential fatty acids.  I'm anxious to see how this improves Fritz's ability to concentrate and study.  According to Ms. Craft, boys need three times the amount of EFA as girls.

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