Thursday, April 7, 2011

Biblical Feasts and Holy Days

Our local co-op is offering a new series of classes on the Feasts and Holy Days of the Bible.  We had about ten moms and 30 kids at our first class which was an overview of the Jewish calendar.  The goal is to meet a few days or weeks before the event to learn more and then celebrate with our own families when the holy day occurs.  This topic has been an interest to me since our church held a Passover Seder.  The leader was a messianic Jew and in addition to teaching us the historical and traditional Seder service, he also showed us how the symbols can lead us to the true Messiah. 

The leader of the class invited us to her home to celebrate Hannukah last December.  She's been celebrating the biblical feasts for 16 years so she has a lot of information to share.  She's a homeschooling mom herself (although all her kids are pre-school age), so she came prepared with quiet activities for the kids who wouldn't be able to sit for a two hour lecture.

I'm looking forward to the whole series.  Coming up first--Passover.

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