Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hank the Cowdog

It's a red letter day in our household.  The library called last night and said the latest book in the Hank the Cowdog series had arrived and was waiting for us.  Hank is truly my son's favorite storyteller.  We listen to audio stories in the car and frequently check out two books at a time from the library.  Last week my son got it in his noggin to read an entire book outloud to me (a reversal of roles).  He started at 11:30 and didn't finish until a little after 5 pm.  He read to me while I folded laundry, worked on dinner, and lay on the couch (I hope he didn't notice the little nap I took through chapter 7).  He is very familiar with the Original Adventures of Hank since we also have the audio version.  Sometimes he would pause in his reading to hum out the music that is usually playing in the background.

This new book (#57 if you can believe it) is The Disappearance of Drover.  Drover gets lost at a cattle auction.  Schnickelfritz had the release date written on his calendar last November.  He's hounded the librarian, who was left to explain that it takes several days for an ordered book to be shipped and processed and the library.  He's the first to get his eyetracks on the pages and we're already up to chapter 5.  Want to know what he did when we took a break for lunch.  He got on Amazon and discovered there's already a listing for #58--The Case of the Mysterious Voice.  It will be out in October.  It's almost like the anticipation is better than holding the book in his hot little hands.

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