Friday, November 8, 2013

Lego Birthday Cake

My Schnickelfritz turned 11 this week and we had his annual bonfire/wagon ride/leaf pile fight last weekend.  You can read more about the simple and thrifty activities in last year's post.  It always amazes me the fun kids have in the leaves -- we heard squeals of delight from two newbies when they pulled into the driveway.  Instead of renting a bouncy house for say $200, the kids got just as much fun and used up just as much energy and it only cost us time and $2.  You see, this year the Toolman had planted an object in each pile and the first to find it got a dollar. 

But I wanted to focus on the cake.  Last year Fritz wanted a cake in honor of Lego Indiana Jones.  I shelled out $15 for one of those pre-printed icing sheets with his name on it.  I don't remember reading anywhere not to cover it with plastic wrap, but when I went to take off the plastic and put on the candles all the icing started to come with it.  I ended up sticking the candles through the wrap so we'd have a good photo op when he blew out the candles and then apologized to all the guests for the messy disaster when I pulled the wrap off to cut and serve the cake.   I vowed not to try that method again, but I had also loaned all my decorating tips to a fellow homeschooler doing Cake decorating for 4-H so I didn't have much to work with. 

My solution--I divided the 11 X 15 cake into four quadrants and iced each with a different color frosting.  Then I took some marshmallows from the bonfire stash and dipped them in the icing and stuck them on the cake to form "Lego bricks."  I went through Fritz's stash of mini-figures and dispersed them amongst the marshmallows and candles (to help anyone who couldn't figure out the cake theme).  The kids loved it!  The only problem was the high number of requests for specific pieces of cake--"I want the one with R2D2"  "I want the very center with the four colors."  I explained to the kids that the Legos were just for decoration, Fritz wasn't giving out his mini-figs as party favors but it didn't dampen their desire for specific pieces.

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