Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Digital Scrapbooking Day

Heads up and fair warning!  Tomorrow is the first Saturday of November which means two annual events are occurring--my son's birthday party and Digital Scrapbooking Day.  Most of you are probably more interested in the latter.  At Schnickelfritz's party only he gets the gifts but by browsing online anyone can get freebies and sales on the digi-scrap items.  Fortunately for me a lot of websites started their sales today because I won't have time to go near the computer tomorrow.  I just bought the Mad Scientist kit and Quick Page add-on (both half price)  from Scraps n Pieces to record our science projects for the year.

If you check out my Pinterest page (look in the right hand column to subscribe) you can find other great kits under Digital Scrapbooking Science and Digital Scrapbooking History.   If you see something you like I encourage you to get it now.  I just cleaned up my boards to remove some kits that are no longer available--kits are retired, designers leave stores, and stores go out of business.  I'd been waiting to get a Civil War related kit when we study it next year, but the store went out of business and now it's gone.  Great thing about digi-scraps is they only take up space on a disk or hard drive so buy now and save it till you need it.

If you are just looking to scrapbook family memories, I've found two big blog trains that will provide you with mega kits if you visit every stop on the journey.  The DigiScrap Parade is offering an Our Life Kit with a green/blue/tan color palette (this one should be available for some time).  The Scrap Orchard is offering a the Oh Snap kit has a teal/lime green/yellow/orange kit with a photography theme.  It will only be available for free this weekend and some parts are only available if you participate in online events..  I have no affiliation with either site.

I'll also use this time to remind you of some of my previous digital scrapbooking posts in case you need inspiration/information.

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 Day 1:  Notebooking & Journaling
 Day 2:  Record Keeping
 Day 3:  Flashcards & Organizing
 Day 4: Lapbooking
 Day 5: Classroom Posters

Other Digi-Scrapping Posts

Making Shaped Books with PSE

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a49erfangirl said...

I love scrapbooking. I haven't really done much digital scrapbooking as I am still into making my own pages. I do have some really neat kits though for Digi Scrapbooking. Hope you have fun! Happy Birthday to your son.

Michele said...

Oh, how this reminds me of how far behind I am! Thanks for spurring me on! I think digital is the way I need to go, huh?!

Yvana said...

I really would like to do this, but just can't find the time.

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

I had no idea there was an annual digital scrapbooking day! I'll have to remember this for next year. I love digital scrapbooking, but haven't had the time to do any lately. Thanks for sharing this info!

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