Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't you just love to crack open new books?


Just like some people see a glass half full and others see it half empty, I think you can categorize people in the way they see Fall.  Some associate it with dying flowers and leaves and shorter colder days.  I've always been in the camp that associates Fall with new books and clothes and school supplies.  Here's what will be using this year.


Discover 4 Yourself  by Precept Ministries
We started these last year when Schnickelfritz had to agree to a regular Bible study as part of his responsibility/privelege in running the sound equipment for Sunday school.  I think he likes the idea of writing /coloring in a Bible.  Last year we did the How to Study Your Bible, the two volumes on Daniel, and the first Genesis title.  This year will be finishing Genesis with Digging Up the Past, Abraham: God's Brave Explorer, Extreme Adventures with God (Isaac, Esau & Jacob) and Joseph: God's Superhero


We've reviewed Apologia's Who am I? and Who is my Neighbor?  This year we'll be starting at the beginning with Who is God?  I'm making this a year long course and we'll be using the notebooking journal.
So how is this different than just teaching the Bible?  Well I see worldview as helping my son learn to take what's written in the Bible and applying it to the world around him.  Everyone has a worldview--not just Christians, and they use it when creating movies, writing books, composing music.  My son needs to be able to discern which of those messages are laced with deceptive or even destructive ideas.


We're a Math U See family--always have been.  We have a few more lessons in Epsilon and then it's on to Zeta.  Math is by far his favorite and easiest subject.  He'll be in pre-algebra while he's still 10!  I don't know if we'll stick with MUS in the upper levels, but that's a decision for another day.


Schnickefritz had his choice and he picked Mystery of History Vol 2.  We'll be studying from Pentecost through the Middle Ages.  I discovered that they've developed folderbooks to help students summarize and retain information so we'll be trying them this year.  We also keep a timeline in our basement hallway and use the timeline figures from Homeschool in the Woods.


We're revisiting Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy this fall and adding here and there so Fritz can earn his Astronomy and Space Exploration merit badges for Royal Rangers.  I've created our own notebook journal to include all the badge requirements.  Next semester will be Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day which comes with a corresponding Notebooking Journal.

Language Arts:

We use All About Spelling,  and old copy of Easy Grammar, and Reading Detective.  I'll be incorporating the methods learned from IEW's Student Writing Intensive for assignments in history and science.  For Royal Rangers alone he needs to write papers on the purpose of the space shuttle, reasons for space exploration,  and another report on any other aspect of space exploration that interests him.

These items will make up the bulk of our schooling--of course we'll leave room for whatever products we review with the Homeschool Crew.  For our co-op this year, Fritz will have classes from The Prairie Primer and Mapping the World by Heart.  And I'll be teaching a hands on science class using the Science of Disney Imagineering DVDs.

As much as I've listed here, there's still a world to explore when it comes to homeschool curriculum.  Be sure to check some other blogs to see what they'll be using this year. 

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