Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Della's Dinovite Challenge

Last month I introduced our dog, Della.  Isn't she a sweetie?  I tease that if I have time during the rapture, I'm grabbing the dog!  She does have issues though....constant shedding, itching all the time, etc.  Last week I had talk radio on in the car (usually we have audiobooks) and I heard a commercial for Dinovite--a nutritional supplement for dogs with the same issues we've been dealing with.  I visited the website and found a list of 7 signs that your dog might need a supplement.

  1. Itching & Scratching -- Yep, we've got that in spades.
  2. Dry, Flaky Skin  -- Yes, while combing her out the other day I thought she should sign up for a Head & Shoulders commercial.  It's doubly obvious with her black fur.
  3. Recurring Ear Infections -- She's always scratching her ears, though the vet has never prescibed anything for an infection. My husband, whose nose is more sensitive than mine, sometimes complains that her ears smell bad.
  4. Paw Licking--I've seen her do that occasionally.
  5. Stinky smell 
  6. Excessive Shedding-- Yes!  I could make a stuffed pillow with all the hair I collect.  I've always attributed it to her breed (part German Shepherd) and having an undercoat, but this says dogs should shed twice a year, not year round.
  7. Lethargy --  Yes,  she lays around and sleeps a lot of the time.
Okay we've got 4 symptoms in a big way and 2 more at a more moderate level, so I thought we'd better give this a try.     I'm going to share our experience with anyone interested.  I've always been a little leery to believe testimonials on a vendor's website--did someone in the office write them?  Did they just delete the bad reviews?  I purchased the Dinovite myself and I have nothing to gain or lose by sharing my honest opinions.

I called (there's no toll free number) and spoke to a nutrition coach with a concern about adding water to her dog food (to get the product to adhere) in our humid climate.   He assured me it wouldn't be a problem and I actually learned I could get by with a smaller size box based on Della's weight.  Because of her excessive itching, I also bought two tubes of their LickOChops fish oil.

The good news is Della likes the stuff!  I had some concerns because there are several articles and videos on the site to help your dog acclimate to the taste.  The inside of the box gives a schedule for starting and increasing the portions over 12 days.  It mentions that changes in diet can cause tummy troubles, so I'm sticking with their plan even though she doesn't mind the taste.

The instructions suggest adding water to dry dog food to help the Dinovite adhere when you mix it in.  Della's dog bowl sits out all day and she eats when she feels like.  Since we live in a humid climate, I don't want to wet down her food and risk mold.  Instead, I blend it with a little bit of raw cream for her special treat.

Stayed tuned!  I'll let you know when I notice any changes.


Paul McKenna said...

So.... I'm glad your dog ate the food with the Dinovite on it, but did it help? If so, do you think it was the dinovite?

Missouri Mama said...

Paul, you can read my halfway in the May archives
or wait until I post my final review this week.

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