Monday, April 1, 2013

Vitamix Smoothie #2

We made a second green smoothie last week but but we made it at my mom's house and I forgot my camera.  It was it was good enough that I made it a second time at home (where my camera was sitting on the counter).  This recipe came from Green Smoothie Magic: 132+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes That Trim and Slim.

Beet This!

1 Cup water
1 kiwi, peeled
2 cups greens (kale. spinach, and/or romaine)
1/2 Cup beet, chopped
1 Cup blueberries
1 orange, peeled
a nub of ginger (optional)

It's important when using hard veggies like carrots or beets to process them first with the water and then add the other ingredients (that's why the liquid is so red in the picture above).  We didn't add the ginger and used kale and spinach for the greens.  The recipe is really flexible--at home I didn't have blueberries so I substituted dark grapes and was just as satisfied.  The picture below is with the grapes (the original was more purple in color).  You can see it made nearly a quart.

The Verdict

Everyone liked this one better than our first (Full Disclosure: After I'd gone home from Smoothie #1, Papa told Dida "I didn't want to say anything in front of her, but it tasted like there were vegetables in there).  This time Papa knew there were some veggies but nothing stood out and overwhelmed the fruits.  He had a small cupful.  Schnickelfritz ate his spoonful again and said it was good but didn't want more.  He doesn't like the thickness of the drink.  I'm wondering if I could freeze it like popsicles?

The Cost:

My mother supplied the blueberries so I don't know their cost.  Of course, we'll soon be getting to blueberry season so the price should go down.  We have a nice U-pick farm nearby where we by a lot to freeze.  Everything else is available at Aldi's (I don't know about the optional ginger). 


Kiwi               high acidic
Spinach          med. alkaline
Kale               high alkaline
Beet               med. alkaline
Blueberries     low acidic
Orange           low acidic

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