Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Ice Cream

Well the weather forecasters got it wrong again.  Two weeks ago they were predicting 4-8 inches and we barely had enough snow to turn the ground white.  The same 4-8 inches were predicted for yesterday and we ended up with 14!  

Normally we don't have "snow days" in our home school, but this was an event.  Not since the "great blizzard of '82" have we received so much in one day.  We made snow men, we went sledding,  we're shoveled the deck twice because I was afraid the weight of the snow would damage it.  And then it popped into my head that we could make ice cream with it!  Before we cleared of the patio table I ran inside to pour the ingredients into a large bowl.  You can find recipes that use sweetened condensed milk or whipping cream out there.  The great thing about this one is it uses milk (and everyone runs out to buy bread, eggs, and milk when they hear a winter storm is coming, right?).

1 Cup sugar
1 Qt milk  (I had actually separated some cream the day before so I had half cream/half milk)
1 T vanilla

Then start scooping in snow and mixing (I don't have to remind you to avoid the yellow snow do I?).  Eventually it will start to thicken up on you.  I probably added 5-6 qts of snow volume-wise.

What a simple winter treat.

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